Managed Services & IT Services

Small- to medium-sized organizations often ‘make do’ with the IT resources they have available to them, which results in work environments where productivity and effectiveness is compromised for all staff. They do this because they face a number of challenges around managing their Information Technology assets, environments, and teams, such as:

  • Insufficient range of skills: Lack of budget often means organizations can only afford a subset of the full spectrum of IT knowledge needed run a proper tech ecosystem (hardware, systems administration, telecommunications, application/tech support, website management, etc.).
  • High costs and/or : Finding the right people to cover the range of skills needed often means hiring more people than required at any given time, or accepting people with a broader range of skills, but less depth of expertise in any one area.
  • Lost continuity: When you can’t provide long term career paths for your IT staff, you are going to have continuity problems thanks to staff turnover, which means challenges in maintaining consistent levels of IT leadership and support.

Additionally, small- to medium-sized organizations rarely have the right leadership in place, lacking a full time IT Manager or Chief Information Officer (CIO). Having a resource who can stay on top of IT trends, someone to understand new software, hardware, cloud computing, privacy legislation, etc. is essential to maintain competitiveness and minimize threats to businesses.

Abraxas helps clients deliver successful IT Projects

  • Competitively priced support for your hardware and software environment
  • Engaging Portal, Intranet and Extranet design, development and implementation (including SharePoint)
  • Effective IT teams / departments
  • Usable and useful systems and applications – through the use of state-of-the-art User eXperience (UX) expertise
  • Communications cost reductions
  • Effective Services throughout the systems development life-cycle
  • ITIL
  • Operational Reviews
  • Post-merger Integration

Our team can help you with:

  • Systems development and integration;
  • Website design and development;
  • Hardware/Software Selection (i.e. ERP, Apps, etc.)
  • Large Quality Assurance,
  • Applications Modernization Strategy,
  • e-Business
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Cloud-Based Strategies,
  • Business Continuity / Disaster recovery
  • Virtual Office Implementation
  • Cabling, installation, network , computers, faxes, printers, etc.
  • Purchasing

When you are ready for more than a ‘make do’ solution, we can help.